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End-to-End Environment-friendly Packaging Services in Québec

Innovation is the buzzword at Eco 1 Packaging. We believe in creating eye-catching, environment-friendly cardboard packaging. Each design is conceived from the basic details of what your brand represents. Thus, every box has a unique touch which makes us the go-to choice for packaging services in Québec.


Packaging styles vary from classic cardboard casing to gift boxes that uplift your product from the outset. eCommerce, food and beverages, healthcare, auto parts, temperature-controlled logistics – whatever your industry, you can rest assured of top-quality.


Keeping your preferences in mind, our team creates a customized blueprint. We provide you with a sample of how the entire package will look and move on to manufacturing only after your approval.

Graphic Design

Our professional graphic design services take care of the final presentation of your brand identity, from lithography to flexography and more. The finished look is achieved in optimal print quality, and we produce precise automated samples.

Packaging Study

Our process begins with a thorough analysis of your product for optimized packaging, delivery and storage, ensuring cost-effective and earth-friendly strategies. We rely on structural design softwares that is recognized around the world, ArtiosCad, Cape and the latest in development tools. These softwares assist our experienced design team in product development, virtual prototyping and manufacturing operations.

Efficient Delivery

Upon completion of a new box order, we ensure that orders are inspected through a rigorous quality program before they are shipped. Your product is dispatched via a flexible system that allows for accurate location tracking and is based on Just-In-Time (JIT) deliveries. We use a real-time inventory management system and a global ERP system for tracking and storing goods.

Our Clientele

The markets we cater to include:


SMEs (small & mid-sized businesses)




Healthcare & cosmetic industry

Professional moving industry & residential

Eco green packaging

Medical cannabis industry

Cold chain packaging

Need Assistance?


Call our team with all your queries on our packaging material and services.

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