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A Leadership With Over 4 Decades of Experience

Owner-President of Eco 1 Packaging, Peter R. Pranke, guides operations with over 40 years of business acumen in the corrugated packaging, folding carton and POP industries. He is also the President of Montreal Box Depot, Eco 1 Packaging’s sister company, which focuses on moving supplies for moving companies, the consumer retail market and entrepreneurial clients. Both firms are located in Saint-Hubert, Québec.


The steady success of the retail, industrial and commercial accounts of both businesses is the outcome of Mr. Pranke’s years of dedication. He has set standards for creative and customized approaches for design and sale, effective communication and close consultation with clients, comprehensive and optimized packaging solutions, and innovative strategies for branching out. Today, Eco 1 Packaging has etablished strategic partherships with major, Québec based, corrugated box plants and corrugated cardboard converters.


Several of Mr. Pranke’s earliest career accomplishments were collaborating with multinational accounts in implementing merchandising programs and leading consumer packaging goods companies in his 20s. Over the decades, he gathered expertise over all aspects of the packaging field from manufacturing to marketing, and by now, he understands the industry from the inside out.

Why Choose Us

The supplies used by us are environmentally conscious, using up to 75% post-consumer waste recycled paper. All the boxes are eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable. While the printing ink on these boxes is vegetal-based, eco-friendly starch adhesives are used for laminating papers, and they are certified allergen-free components.


As a locally owned and operating business in Québec, we are proud to have built, throughout the years, strategic partnerships with major corrugated box plants and sheet-fed plants. This position allows our clients to benefit from very competitive prices.


You can trust ECO 1 Packaging products for being:

100% recyclable

100% biodegradable

100% sustainable

100% reusable

100% eco-friendly

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